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MR.G delivers effective tactics gleaned from insightful strategy to build brand awareness and increase sales in the ultra-competitive world of 24/7 marketing that mobile platforms, the web and social media have brought to the world of traditional broadcast and print. In spite of all the noise, and technological break-throughs, we believe marketing remains today — as it has always been — about getting more customers for your product or service.


Love, Hope and Joy win Rx Club ad awards

Morgan Ramsay. Glowienka Inc, along with our partner DDB Anderson, and the creative team of Boris Matas, Tony Miller and Stephen Morgan have been recognized for the work created for FASworld to help promote awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) in Canada by the Rx Club. The Rx Club honors work in print, electronic […]


Inbound and outbound marketing for the digital age

Inbound or outbound? Direct mail or social media? Traditional or digital? Today’s marketer can be overwhelmed by the options available to deliver their message to their audience. Their audience, likewise, can be overwhelmed by incoming messages. Companies in every vertical are jumping on the bandwagon, implementing inbound marketing strategies and abandoning traditional marketing channels and, […]


CBC Radio hints that marketing leads to Female Binge Drinking

According to a piece on binge drinking that run on Tuesday June 4th, on CBC Radio, “For many Canadian women a few drinks after work has become quite a few drinks. The number of female binge drinkers is increasing. Critics blame liquor marketers, in part, for targeting women, possibly setting them up for serious health […]